China: Threat or Opportunity?China: Threat or Opportunity?

In the last several years there have been many allegations that the earth is warming. Some allegations claim that virtually all scientists agree that human activity is the cause of global warming and its effects.  On this episode of McCuistion TV, Dennis McCuistion speaks with the experts and addresses the truth behind global warming, climate science, rising sea levels, hurricanes, sunspots and climate models and the part that mankind actually plays?

James Marston opens up the conversation on climate science and global warming by reading a statement from Texas A&M outlining the risks of climate change, validity of allegations and what must be done. His co-panelist’s quick rebuttal challenges his view noting that at one time Galileo was wrong.

Throughout this heated debate the panelists challenge opposing views with facts, statistics and graphs.

Drew Thorney contends with the methods that are being used by global warming players such as Al Gore. He explains that the scientific method has always been the way that science worked, and it can’t be changed.

The issue of human activity and its effects on the issue of global warming is often brought down to the question of c02 levels.  Many scientists pose that the co2 levels dictate temperatures and are a big player in warming. The experts spend time discusses this, disagreeing and agreeing on various points. Join us as we talk about climate science and global warming.


1701 – 12.23.07

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China: Threat or Opportunity?China: Threat or Opportunity?