Freedom Fest
Freedom Fest: Video Interview with Steve Forbes on Capitalism

During this second installment of Dennis McCuistion and Terry Brock’s interviews with guest speakers from Freedom Fest, we hear from Fred Foldvary, Ph.D.

During Dennis McCuistion’s spotlight interview with Fred Foldvary, PhD, a Santa Clara University economist who predicted the current depression, Foldvary comments:

“the credit expansion fueled the real estate expansion… Real estate is still falling. We increase the money supply, higher inflation and BOOM- we’ve not learned our lesson right yet. The next crash will be a lot worse, and the government is tapped out- so can’t bail us out.”

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Freedom Fest, an annual festival where “free minds meet” to celebrate “great books, great ideas, and great thinkers” in an open-minded society, was founded and is produced by Mark Skousen (who’s been a guest on our program). Freedom Fest invites the “best and the brightest” from around the world to talk, strategize, socialize, and celebrate liberty.

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Freedom Fest
Freedom Fest: Video Interview with Steve Forbes on Capitalism