Freedom Fest: Lawrence Reed
Freedom Fest: Michael Shermer on Evolution, Darwin and Intelligent Design

Michael Tanner, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute joins Dennis McCuistion and marketing consultant, Terry Brock, at Freedom Fest.  Michael Tanner presents his perspectives on the Obama health care plan.

Michael Tanner presently heads research into a variety of domestic policies with a particular emphasis on health care reform, social welfare policy, and Social Security. His most recent book, Leviathan on the Right: How Big-Government Conservatism Brought Down the Republican Revolution (2007), chronicles the demise of the Republican Party as it has shifted away from its limited government roots and warns that reform is necessary.

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Under his direction, Cato launched the Project on Social Security Choice, widely considered the leading impetus for transforming the soon-to-be-bankrupt system into a private savings program. Time Magazine calls Tanner, “one of the architects of the private accounts movement,” and Congressional Quarterly named him one of the nation’s five most influential experts on Social Security.

According to Michael, the Obama health care plan is,

“essentially government taking over 1/6 of the US economy. Government would then control some of the most personal and private information. Government would tell us what type of insurance to buy, the benefits we would have, how doctors have to practice medicine, and what employees have to carry. It’s top down command and control economics. The Government plan is subsidized by the taxpayer so it can always have lower premiums and higher benefits… You can’t compete against an entity backed by government. That’s like competing against the Mafia.”

Join in for more of Mr. Tanner’s outspoken and cutting edge views on the Obama health care plan. And as always thanks for watching as we talk about things that matter with people who care.

Niki Nicastro McCuistion
Executive Producer/ Producer

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Freedom Fest: Lawrence Reed
Freedom Fest: Michael Shermer on Evolution, Darwin and Intelligent Design