Friday News Round Up: Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
Monday News Round Up: North Korea Missile Fire, Columbus Day, Health Care Bill

In a conversation about the politics of freedom David Boaz and Dennis McCuistion answer the question: “What is a libertarian?” as well as discussing the societal fight over power and freedom since time immemorial.

Joining Dennis McCuistion is David Boaz. David Boaz is the Executive Vice President of the Cato Institute and author of Libertarianism: A Primer.

Dennis and David talk about the principles of libertarianism that are in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They discuss absolute free trade and the conflict between big government, the Federal Reserve and free markets.

As they continue to discuss all that surrounds the question, “What is a libertarian,” they address the query of individuals having the right and responsibility to make decisions over their own lives, yet today government makes many of these decisions. The classical liberal position of the 18th century is discussed and how parties function today.

They continue to discuss libertarianism by discussing Think Tanks and the differences between them.  The Cato Institute, for instance, is fiscally conservative but socially liberal. David Boaz addresses the ‘polling’ Cato has done regarding how people view politics and parties. He states that many poll libertarian on the fiscally conservative, socially liberal side, with less government interference.

As a Think Tank, Cato is skeptical of government interference in your personal life, from what Americans read to whom Americans marry.  They believe that the government has no right to dictate values. Cato is different from the Heritage Think Tank, which is more conservative. Brookings, for instance, is more sympathetic to government and is further to the left on economic policies.

Dennis and David both agree that ideas are important and many voters don’t seem to care and certainly government does not. Policies are made by special interest groups promoting their own agendas. Yet independence is bred into the bones of the United States. It is what makes us a great country and freer than others. We have free enterprise, private property, religious freedom, and separation of Church and State.

Join us as we answer the question, “What is a libertarian?” and discuss issues surrounding libertarianism and the politics of freedom.

1803 – 10.11.09

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Friday News Round Up: Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
Monday News Round Up: North Korea Missile Fire, Columbus Day, Health Care Bill