Dennis McCuistion Discusses Charles Gasparino's Book, The Sellout
Friday News Round Up - Job Rate, Toyota Apologizes, Obama and the Dalai Lama

Guest, Charles Gasparino, is a critically acclaimed investigative journalist and CNBC TV personality and joins Dennis McCuistion for another look at Wall Street.

In part two of this program Charles Gasparino illuminates the crisis of today and what responsibilities Ben Bernanke, Hank Paulson and others played that led to the global meltdown in our economy.  He cautions that the present day situation had its roots in irresponsible actions taken 30 years ago. He urges that if we want answers we need to look back at the players then and the key figures today… all built on yesterday’s greed and risk taking.

Wall Street’s romance with risk developed an ever increasing appetite for risk taking; which led to investments that were bizarre, esoteric and complicated. So complicated that former Treasury Secretary under President Clinton, Bob Reuben, a trader deluxe at Citigroup, didn’t even understand collateralized debt obligations.  Yet, here was a man who earned a $15 million salary at Citigroup.  According to Gasparino, “There was no responsibility. He should have stepped up to the plate, but instead advocated Citigroup to take on even more risk!!!”

A mild rupture to the system, that of decreasing housing prices, among others, created massive implosion. The model, did not have a possibility that home prices could go down so they were kept on balance sheets. The correction led to defaults, people could not afford the mortgage they were paying, they had variable rate loans, had bought homes with nothing down and nothing invested, homeowners in increasing numbers walked away from obligations they could not fulfill… and the list goes on.

You’ll walk away from watching this program angry at the irresponsibility of government and Wall Street  and the risks they have taken that have put all of us at risk.

Join us as we talk about things that matter with people who care…

Niki Nicastro McCuistion
Executive Producer/ Producer


1813 – 01.31.10

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Dennis McCuistion Discusses Charles Gasparino's Book, The Sellout
Friday News Round Up - Job Rate, Toyota Apologizes, Obama and the Dalai Lama