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Friday News Update: Health Care Fears, Autism and Unemployment Rate


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March 29, 2010



DALLAS/FORT WORTH – The topic-driven interview program McCuistion is celebrating its 20th anniversary on KERA-TV with a series of special programs. 20 Years of McCuistion airs Sunday, April 4 and Sunday, April 11 at 12:00 noon on KERA-TV. The specials highlight some of the program’s top interviews of the last 20 years on topics ranging from education to leadership and the environment. All programs can be viewed online after broadcast at http://frtv.wpengine.com/series/20-years-of-mccuistion/.

“The power of television when combined with an understanding of important issues can make significant, positive differences in the lives of people who watch,” says Executive Producer Niki McCuistion. “The team brings that mission to every program they have produced.”

Federal Government Debt, Credit Issues and Foreign Policy
On Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 12:00 noon on KERA-TV

An encore presentation of the first McCuistion TV program taped in 1990 features the late Senator John Tower on the Cold War and negotiating with the Soviets. It also explores the banking crisis of 15 years ago and brings the issues of government spending, corporate fraud and the economy to date with interviews with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, SMU’s Dr. James Hollifield and David Walker, the former comptroller general of the United States.

Healthcare and Wellness
Sunday, April 11 at 12:00 noon on KERA-TV

This program features interviews on the present health care system and the new legislation with Dr. John Goodman, father of the health savings account, and explores the new technology of wellness.  Christopher Kennedy Lawford, an activist and recovering addict is also interviewed.

ABOUT McCuistion

The McCuistion television program is independently produced by host Dennis McCuistion and Executive Producer Niki McCuistion. The program focuses on the economic, political and social issues that have an impact on our daily lives.


The Foundation for Responsible Television is a 501 (c) (3) which was founded in 1994. The mission is to raise funds to produce and promote the McCuistion Television Program on Public Television. Funds are provided by foundations, corporations and individuals. Visit www.mccuistiontv.com for more information.

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Texas Public Policy Foundation: Response to Health Care Reform
Friday News Update: Health Care Fears, Autism and Unemployment Rate