KERA Airing: Bill George on Character and Leadership
News Updates: BP, Health Care and Volvo

President Obama Heads to Michigan to Hail Auto Industry Recovery

President Barack Obama heads to Michigan today to tout the revival of the auto industry after his administration controversially bailed out General Motors and Chrysler last year using tens of billions of taxpayer dollars.

Obama will visit General Motors and Chrysler assembly plants in the Motor City area and meet with workers. The GM plant produces the new Chevrolet Volt rechargeable electric car and is one of nine plants that the company will keep open during the standard two-week summer shutdown. The Chrysler plant makes the new Jeep Grand Cherokee and just added a second shift and 1,100 new jobs.

Lawmakers Consider Ending Citizenship for Children of Illegal Immigrants

The federal court decision blocking key provisions of Arizona’s immigration law from taking effect could light a fire under lawmakers considering an alternative — and some say radical — approach to reining in illegal immigration.

Lawmakers since last year have been kicking around a proposal to bar U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants from becoming U.S. citizens. Such a move, which has been ridiculed by legal scholars, would be a drastic reinterpretation of the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment.

Wikileaks — White House: Don’t post more secret war papers

WASHINGTON — The White House is imploring the website Wikileaks not to post any more classified documents about the Afghanistan war, saying U.S. national security and Afghan lives are at risk.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs says the leak of some 90,000 secret military documents already has jeopardized the lives of Afghans working with the U.S. and its war allies. Gibbs says the Taliban has declared it will comb the documents for the names of people who have cooperated with international forces in Afghanistan.

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KERA Airing: Bill George on Character and Leadership
News Updates: BP, Health Care and Volvo