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During this six-part series, Dennis McCuistion revisits past programs on specific issues from the last 20 years.  In part one of this series, Dennis McCuistion discusses the American education system through an episode entitled Education and Our Children.  This program features:

  • Terry Flowers, PhD: Headmaster at St. Philip’s School
  • Tom Luce: CEO of National Math and Science Initiative

During the program on the American education system, Terry Flowers is joined by students from St. Philips School who recite the St. Philip’s Creed, a creed that made national news. Tom Luce talks about what is necessary for the US to remain competitive today in education.

The McCuistion TV Program (co- founded 20 years ago by host, Dennis McCuistion, and Executive Producer/Producer, Niki Nicastro  McCuistion)  focuses on issues that impact our daily lives, economically, politically and socially.  Niki believes that “the power of television when combined with an understanding of important issues can make significant, positive differences in the lives of people who watch.” The team brings that mission to every program they have produced.

Dennis and Niki both firmly believe educating our children is a critical issue, stating:

“Educating our youth is the single biggest challenge we face in a knowledge based society with global competition. We believe it’s not about more money; it’s about better parenting, more discipline, innovation or market-based education vs. government run education, and great leadership. It’s vital we put more emphasis on the basics; phonics, and repetition, yet it’s also using the best of the new technology.”

The team believes “children are our future, and while we say that if we don’t provide the tools and the environment where our children can excel, then it won’t be them who have failed us, it will be us who have failed them.”

Tune in and enjoy a retrospective look on the American education system followed by a discussion of where we are today and the hope for the future.

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 McCuistion TV Invites You to Donor Bridge Giving Day this Wednesday the 8th
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