News Update Including the Faces of the Tea Party Movement
News Update: Suit of Ashcroft, iPad and more...

Motivation is often defined as that which gives purpose; action toward a desired goal. Sharing their stories on motivation and leadership on this 20th anniversary segment are several of the leading speakers and leaders in the country.

We hear from motivational speakers:

  • The late, Rosita Perez, CPAE
  • Ed Foreman, CPAE, Founder of the Successful Life Program
  • Vinnie Roazzi, successful businessman and the author of The Spirituality of Success
  • Margo Chisholm, mountaineer and author of To The Summit

We also hear from corporate governance and leadership experts:

  • Sharon Allen, Chairman of Deloitte and Touche, LLP
  • Bill George, professor of management practice at Harvard Business School and former Medtronic CEO
  • Todd Bluedorn, CEO of Lennox International

… and many, many more.


The late, Rosita Perez has the audience chuckling in the segment on The Healing Power of Humor as she describes her cold remedies when she is under the weather.

Ed Foremen joined us in 1994 and again in the studio the evening of the program’s taping. He talks about a motorcycle trip- and driving back to Texas from Louisiana. To test the bike he pushed the speed and flew down the road. All was well until he saw the flashing lights behind him. He had one thought (only briefly) of gunning the motor and crossing the Texas border. Of course he didn’t and when he stopped, the State Trooper asked for his license and said he had been clocked at 113 mph. Looking the license the trooper did a double take- “You’re 75 years old? Maybe you should act your age and you’d be a lot safer driving your age!”

Vinnie Roazzi and Margo Chisholm joined us in 1999, along with the late Art Berg, CPAE. The each spoke about their separate life challenges.  Art Berg shared his story of the car accident that left him a quadriplegic and how life still goes on after the worst happens.

The notables are joined by Bob Buford, author of Halftime and Jim Sirbasku, of Profiles International, who assesses Dennis McCuistion’s  leadership style- on camera, much to Dennis’s and the audience’s amusement. The motivation segment concludes with the late Ray Pellitier, CPAE, talking about coaching champions, as well as this author, Niki McCuistion, a coach and consultant, on the critical role coaching plays in helping individuals reach their goals.

Leadership and Governance

From motivation the program goes on to discuss leadership and governance. Dennis McCuistion talks about Jeff Skilling of Enron and how values and ethics are critical to successful leadership. Sharon Allen, Chairman of Deloitte and Touche, LLP and Todd Bluedorn, CEO of Lennox International, Inc. both comment on governance and ethics in corporate America, and how critical a role values play in the success of a company.

And to end the retrospective on motivation and leadership, Bill George, former Chairman and CEO of Medtronics and  a Professor of Management Practice at Harvard,  joins us from another segment to emphasize values in leadership and their critical role.

This program on motivation and leadership is one you won’t want to miss as it goes from humor, to inspiration and on to practical “how to’s”.


1817 – 02.21.10

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News Update Including the Faces of the Tea Party Movement
News Update: Suit of Ashcroft, iPad and more...