Charles Murray: Real Education & Education Myths
Nutrition Part 1: An Interview with Dennis on His Switch to a Vegetarian Diet

Steve Forbes joins Dennis McCuistion to discuss his support of the flat tax, issues surrounding the global economy, his views on Washington policy and his perspective on where the government should be focusing. Steve Forbes is the Editor-in-Chief for Forbes Magazine and the author of Flat Tax Revolution.

As a forerunner in the proposal of the flat tax, Forbes is adamant that the flat tax issue should be on the forefront of the Presidential agenda. He states that it not only needs reformed, but health care and social security for young Americans must also be addressed.  He goes on to discuss public opinion and his belief that although the flat tax will make the most sense long term, public opinion will be something that will need to be monitored and addressed as well and his suggestions on how to do that.

It’s the complexity of the current code that creates the  problem. He sited a study where one average family’s tax information was given to 45 of the best preparers in the country and they came out with 45 different results on the amount of money the family owed.

Forbes continues the discussion by candidly addressing what he would have done differently if had been elected and the different place that would have put the country.  He offered suggestions and support of off-shore drilling and nuclear power plants, saying it would offer 1 million new jobs, manufacturing and construction jobs, highly skilled and highly paid jobs, thus increasing jobs, energy and national security.

He finishes off the discussion by referencing some fundamental moral problems that have left America in the spot it is in today, demographics, social security, medicare and medicaid and his suggestions as how to fix the issues.


09.21.08 – 1718

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Charles Murray: Real Education & Education Myths
Nutrition Part 1: An Interview with Dennis on His Switch to a Vegetarian Diet