A Conversation with Steve ForbesA Conversation with Steve Forbes
Addiction Causes: The Causes and Costs of AddictionAddiction Causes: The Causes and Costs of Addiction

The China Study, one of the most comprehensive studies of its time, pointed out the benefits of vegetarian diets. According to Dr. Campbell, meat and dairy are harmful and shorten a life span, not to mention the accompanying side effects that can be detrimental to one’s health.

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Dennis McCuistion, host of the discussion, was so taken by the information, he decided to experiment and see if the benefits were all the study touted.  He has and it worked… He is now almost a full blown vegan himself, with good results. I (Niki McCuistion) asked him about the up and down sides.  Here’s what Dennis said:

“The China Study had information that was based on real, objective research that clearly pointed out the risks in eating animal protein and the advantages of plant protein.  So I just asked, ‘Why am I killing myself when I have a third of my life left?’ I had already quit drinking milk due to lactose intolerance so that was easy to see.

I lost over 10 pounds in the next 90 days and have kept it off for over 2 years.  I always felt good and now feel even better with one great unexpected side effect: I seldom ever have a headache. I cannot say there is a cause and effect, but it’s an added advantage.

It is not difficult to follow, just bothersome as there is virtually no way to eat anything at a fast food place.  That is a shame as I am in the habit of often eating on the run, so to speak. At good restaurants, while there may be a limited menu, they will make a vegetable plate. Our American habits of filling up a plate is a shame as there is always a waste.

My typical breakfast is:

  • Cereal with fruit (blueberries, strawberries and bananas) with man’s bread or equivalent and non-butter.
  • Hot decaffeinated tea is good and some health supplements are also good.

Lunch is  usually a vegetable dish. I shouldn’t have bread but usually do, and of course anything chocolate is my weakness.

Dinner can include:

  • Salad and veggies, beans, in particular, for protein.
  • I may have a protein drink occasionally.
  • Pizza without cheese but with lots of veggies is also good.
  • Eat lots of nuts, easy on the salt of course.

Oh, after about 30 days, I had no craving for a good steak or other meat. I do eat fish once or twice a week, preferably not fried. I am not obsessive; I just try to be sensible.

As to other regimes, I never really dieted before and don’t consider this a diet either, just a change in the way I eat and live.  And I sure feel better.”

Niki Nicastro McCuistion
Executive producer/Producer

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A Conversation with Steve ForbesA Conversation with Steve Forbes
Addiction Causes: The Causes and Costs of AddictionAddiction Causes: The Causes and Costs of Addiction