Federal Deficit Increase:  Million A Minute!Federal Deficit Increase: $10 Million A Minute!
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We go to hospitals only when we have to- so knowing what is involved in the final hospital bill, how to determine how much your insurance company will pay and what you will have to pay are questions you want the answers to beforehand. And, if you’re on Medicare, how does this factor into the equation?

Health Care: Hospitals and Insurance Companies

Left to Right: Stanley F. Hupfeld, John B. McWhorter III, Dennis McCuistion, Barclay Berdan, & Scott Flannery

Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, are panelists:

  • Stanley F. Hupfeld – Former President/CEO of Integris Health System and author of Malpractice: How the Politicians Made a Mess of Health Reform
  • John B. McWhorter III – President, Baylor University Medical Center; Senior VP, Baylor Health Care System
  • Barclay Berdan – COO, Senior VP Texas Health Resources
  • Scott Flannery – CEO, United Healthcare System

Hospitals provide critical services to us all… they are tremendous repositories of underutilized, excellent brainpower. Hospitals can be an even better resource for the community, and yet there are problems with quality, cost and complexity, in how hospitals bill and how they get reimbursed. Increased problems with electronic records so as to provide better access to data, end of life care issues, and the transition from incentives and fee for service make for greater complexity. The present system of health care and the consolidation of both hospitals and insurance companies are confusing to most of us.

For most people, health insurance is provided in whole or part by their employer. We rarely read our policies and don’t know our choices. This program is designed to give you a look at health care from the hospitals’ perspective and to see risk and regulations as an insurance company views them so you can better understand the choices that you may need to make if you are ever faced with entering a hospital.

As always, we are talking about things that matter… with people who care.

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2010 – 12.30.12

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Federal Deficit Increase:  Million A Minute!Federal Deficit Increase: $10 Million A Minute!
This is a test of a new video player we are investigating