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Federal Deficit Increase:  Million A Minute!Federal Deficit Increase: $10 Million A Minute!

Arguably one of the most confusing and divisive issues in America is health care. While we claim to have one of the best health care systems in the world, almost the reverse is true. We may indeed have good medical technological innovations, but we lag in every health statistic except cost. Our costs are higher than most other countries, our health care quality is often lower and access to providers is more difficult. In fact, we are not even sure what our health care costs really are as we rarely see the real price. To compound the difficulty we have asked politicians, who may be inexperienced in this area to take care of the situation!

Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, are panelists:

  • Stanley F. Hupfeld: Chairman Integris Health Systems: Author: Malpractice: How the Politicians Made a Mess of Health Reform
  • Health Care: The Public Policy Issues

    Stanley F. Hupfeld, Dennis McCuistion, Devon M. Herrick, PhD, Steve Love

    Devon M. Herrick, PhD: Senior Fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis

  • Steve Love: CEO, Dallas Ft. Worth Hospital Council

The American health care system is routinely criticized by both liberals and conservatives from the average American to health care providers themselves, from hospitals, doctors, government and the insurance companies that deal with health care issues. And, thanks to the unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Medicaid, health care today is the single biggest threat to fiscal sanity. So, what are we to do about the public policy issues surrounding health care?

Not knowing what our health care costs really are is a challenge that hurts us. Who pays the

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hospitals, the doctors, the insurance companies? What do we mean by fee-for-service versus managed care? And is there really enough money to fund the uninsured.

This program discusses the policy issues involved with the American heath care system, how our health care system is changing and real world solutions to make our health care system more effective. It gives insights into what we must know to assure our health coverage is taking care of us; when we need it to.

As always we’re talking about things that matter… with people who care. Thanks for joining us as we discuss the American health care system.

Niki Nicastro McCuistion, CSP
Executive Producer/ Producer
Management Analyst, Speaker, Consultant
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2009 – 12.23.2012

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Payday LendingPayday Lending
Federal Deficit Increase:  Million A Minute!Federal Deficit Increase: $10 Million A Minute!