Freedom Fest 2013 with Mark Skousen
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Freedom Fest, an annual event of thinkers, features some of the greatest minds and change agents in this country. This year’s Freedom Fest, had as its theme: Are We Rome?

The history of Rome has served as a model for government as well as a warning for what a nation could descend to. In many ways there are disturbing parallels between the U.S. and Rome.

Our good friend, Terry Brock, CSP, CPAE, Past Chief Skype Blogger, Past Editor-in- Chief of the AT&T Tech Blog, a renowned relationship marketing expert, and co-author of a new book, Klout Matters, attended this year’s Freedom Fest, a must on his yearly calendar. While at the conference he interviewed a few of the conference’s renowned speakers for our McCuistion Program and blogs.

He had the opportunity to interview one of our good friends and program supporters, Steve Moore. Steve is the author of, Who’s the Fairest of Them All? and an Editorial Board Member and Senior Economics writer for the Wall Street Journal. Steve offered an optimistic view of this country’s future if (and a big if it is) we wake up and take responsibility.

According to Steve Moore, while we have been on a road to ruin for the last four years, “we can see a real renaissance in this country.” He states:

“Yes, we’ve had a massive increase in debt, spending, and one of the worst recoveries since the great depression. Still Americans don’t tolerate failure for a long time.”

Today 47,000,000 Americans are on food stamps (one out of every seven families), but he claims, we are still a ‘beacon for freedom’. Steve offers several suggestions for reforms and a stronger recovery – from exploding our tax code and social security and most of all allowing “every child a better opportunity to go to any school they want to.” He says, ”If you give kids opportunities and options, they will flourish. It’s amazing what kids will do.”

You’ll want to hear what else Steve Moore has to say.

Thanks for joining us as we have conversations that matter.

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Freedom Fest 2013 with Mark Skousen
Donate to McCuistion and Funds Will Be MatchedDonate to McCuistion and Funds Will Be Matched