Common Core: What It Is and Why You Need To Know About ItCommon Core: What It Is and Why You Need To Know About It
The Human Trafficking EpidemicThe Human Trafficking Epidemic

How we communicate, conduct business and interact socially has dramatically changed, most especially in the last 10 or so years. Major, new technologies have fundamentally altered with whom, how and where we communicate. The Internet has formed the basis for a new business and social community, manufacturing information for all of us to share.

Why the Cloud and Social Media Are Changing Your Business and Your Life

Left to Right: Monte Ford, Dennis McCuistion, William J. Ribaudo, Niki McCuistion and Barry Libert

The Network Revolution has actually changed how value is created and how people connect and make decisions.

Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, to talk about this revolution are key experts in that field:

  • Monte Ford: Director Akamai Technologies, Former Senior VP/ CIO American Airlines
  • William J. Ribaudo: Partner, Deloitte and Touche, LLP
  • Barry Libert: Chairman and Founder, OpenMatters

Our experts advise us to join the revolution and make it work – or be left behind. Technology, across all of its platforms, from the Internet to the Cloud, Facebook, Twitter and others are the “new” way to communicate. With technology accelerating at an increasingly rapid pace, this “new” technology is not only distributing information but making connections – and is the lynchpin of business.

Unlike a limiting, physical world, technology has created a platform that allows us to learn and conduct business in many different ways. Today people learn from cell phones and computers. The pace of change is much more rapid, making control of information more democratized. Democratization of information means one does not need to rely on a single source especially one that may not be trusted.

From business to education, vast changes are taking place.

Changes in business: Today every business needs to think differently. They need to ask, “what’s the intellectual property that I have created that I can offer a customer that gives them the information they need to make decisions? How might I connect with my customers so they are participants in my business, helping me think about new ideas?”

Changes in culture: Some of the cultural shifts include: sharing economy, collaborative consumption, peer-to-peer exchanges, crowd sourcing, network participation, self- actualization and mastery, and peer based trust. Jobs have changed as a result.

Changes in media: Media has especially been hit by the way information is now accessed and consumed. The old way of getting news is now, to the younger generation, Jurassic Park. If you can get up to date information instantly from many sources, why settle for one?

Changes in education: Young people today even decide what classes to take and from which professors, by online ranking. Schools are offering virtualized education. Friend or foe? The technology revolution is here to stay.

Join us to talk about how it can become your friend.



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2209 – 11.16.14

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Common Core: What It Is and Why You Need To Know About ItCommon Core: What It Is and Why You Need To Know About It
The Human Trafficking EpidemicThe Human Trafficking Epidemic