Communicating to SucceedCommunicating to Succeed
Freedom of the Press in a World of IntoleranceFreedom of the Press in a World of Intolerance

Join us as we discuss free market and economic progress.

In 2011, then to be Senator Elizabeth Warren made a speech that has since been made famous by President Obama, that said the help and infrastructure of most of this country was built by government.

Image of Left to Right: W. Michael Cox, PhD, Peter Goettler on the McCuistion TV set.

Left to Right: W. Michael Cox, PhD, Peter Goettler

Warren said: “there is nobody in this country who got rich on their own. You move your goods to market on roads the rest of us paid for. You hire workers the rest of us pay to educate. You are safe in your factory, because of the police and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You don’t have to worry that your factory will be seized by marauders, because of the work the rest of us did. Part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and you pay it forward for the next person that comes along.”

Join us for a very spirited discussion between host, Dennis McCuistion, and our guests who question her premise:

Dr. Cox says this is erroneous in several ways: “7% of America’s infrastructure which is used on a daily basis is not supplied by government. It comes from private organizations that have a profit objective”.

“Warren left out all of the private sector capital that people use. She mentions school transportation, roads used at other people’s expense etc. She didn’t mention that you use electricity, utilities, internet around the globe, computers, software, apps, cell phones, oil pipelines that come  from private sector companies that mine and refine them, and all of the rest of the things that are built by private citizens. She just focused on the few public sector things”.

Peter Goettler argues, “We shouldn’t be subsidizing ANY business. If it’s doing well it doesn’t need subsidies, if not it fails. The whole thing is incestuous. Capital markets are supposed to be competitive. As government becomes more involved in having a role in markets people are waiting for the Feds to do something”.

Cato, a public policy research group and libertarian think tank, promotes the moral and philosophical case for liberty, the cornerstone values of free markets, limited government and individual liberty and peace. He adds, “The vast majority of the resources to build a factory are actually provided by the private sector. Some things, yes, are provided by government and that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily well run. Education for instance”.

Dr. Cox agrees, “No amount of water will fill up the drain when the stopper is out and that’s what government is doing with our money”.

All believe solutions must begin at the Constitutional level. Congress should not be bailing out or subsidizing business.

McCuistion stirs up the debate when he says, “you can’t blame people for taking the money if it’s there.” Cox says, “of course I can. You make the laws that prohibit it”.

McCuistion asks we consider that there are ideologies involved without a doubt, but it’s the facts that really matter. This rousing segment on free market and economic progress is one you definitely do not want to miss.

Join us as we talk about things that matter… with people who care.

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Communicating to SucceedCommunicating to Succeed
Freedom of the Press in a World of IntoleranceFreedom of the Press in a World of Intolerance