25 Years of McCuistion: The History of Health Care25 Years of McCuistion: The History of Health Care
25 Years of McCuistion: The Future of Health Care25 Years of McCuistion: The Future of Health Care

The second in a three parts series on the past, present and future of healthcare.

Changes in healthcare? One constant in healthcare is change. There are significant advancements in healthcare technology and the treatments available to us. Today more people are accessing healthcare than ever before and there is more expensive care to be accessed.

The HMO’s and other types of payment organizations of the past restricted access to care because of costs and availability. To some degree physicians were paid by denying access to care, functioning as gatekeepers with a member per month allowance. Today, some of these issues are being revisited by ACO’s (accountable care organizations).

25 Years of McCuistion: Health Care from 1990-2015
Left to Right: Don R. Read, Dennis McCuistion, M.D., Britt R. Berrett, Ph.D.  & Adam Myers, M.D.

Our studio guests discussing changes in healthcare include:

Joining us through prior taped segments to talk about changes in healthcare are past panelists: Scott Flannery, United Health Care, Steve Love, Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council and Stanley F. Hupfeld, Chairman, Integris Health Systems and author of Political Malpractice. Our experts agree we have to increase access and enhance quality so care is optimized. One of the changes in healthcare for the better is the use of integrated teams. Healthcare technology today is so sophisticated and dynamic that a multidisciplinary effort is now needed. Healthcare is a team sport.

We’re also seeing other healthcare professionals getting involved in treating what doctors traditionally have. Healthcare professionals are being asked to operate at the top of their license. And we learn, maybe tongue in cheek, that Dr. Google is not always right.

10,000 people are coming on Medicare/Medicaid rolls daily; so the government is in the business of healthcare. Revenue streams that match delivery systems are critical. How do we deliver the best levels of care at a reasonable price? Today we are curing illnesses and diseases that have never been cured before. We have infinite perceived needs but finite resources. Individuals also need to be aware of how their own personal behaviors impact their health and take individual responsibility.

No doubt we are presently in the Golden Age of healthcare. Join us for an interesting and educational discussion on whether healthcare is a right, the technological explosion and how costs will personally impact your access to the best healthcare.

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2225 – 01.17.2016

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25 Years of McCuistion: The History of Health Care25 Years of McCuistion: The History of Health Care
25 Years of McCuistion: The Future of Health Care25 Years of McCuistion: The Future of Health Care