The Platinum Rule: Communicating to Succeed
Ethics and Transparency as Antidotes to Financial Fraud (Re-Air)

Did Dodd-Frank set up a tyranny in our financial system?

The failure of Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac caused an outcry for due process, rule of law, regulation and reform. And while the intention was to revitalize the American economy, the reverse has occurred. The 19,000 pages of regulations, $35 billion of economic impact and 72 million hours of paperwork may not have worked as intended.
Hundreds of rules later, no one is really sure about any regulation’s effectiveness. And the government is looking for ways to dismantle Dodd-Frank. President Trump has said Dodd-Frank rulings aren’t working and are making legitimate investing activity more difficult than it should be….” These regulations enshrine too big to fail and encourage risky behavior.”

Left to Right: George A. Selgin, PhD, William K. Black and C.K. Lee

Joining Host, Dennis McCuistion, are:

Our guests state that some regulations have actually caused risk, helped the big banks become bigger, small banks fewer with many closing their doors as a result because of the crippling. A Harvard University working paper released in early 2015, argues Dodd-Frank is the culprit contributing to fewer community banks.

George A. Selgin, PhD with audience members , Gerald Reihsen and FRTV Board Member, Gary Short

Regulations were supposed to unleash the market, yet we are at 2% economic growth, compared to a historic 3.5% growth. The average family has stagnant paychecks, has lost savings, have less access to credit, and we’re losing a community financial institution a day because of the volume and complexity of Dodd-Frank and other regulatory overkill.

Are we politically allocating capital in our economy? Can the Financial Protection Agency be fair regarding products it deems abusive or is it arbitrary and are we giving the so called protective agencies too much power?
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2312 – 08.07.2016 (original airing date)

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The Platinum Rule: Communicating to Succeed
Ethics and Transparency as Antidotes to Financial Fraud (Re-Air)