Is the News Media the Enemy of the People?
Silk Road: Drugs, the Internet, and Ross UlbrichtSilk Road: Drugs, the Internet, and Ross Ulbricht

Many decisions made in a boardroom rely on relationships and diversity of opinions and experience, skill and style. Diversity today is more than diversity in gender and ethnicity.

Joining host Dennis McCuistion to talk about the critical role diversity and relationships play in good governance are:

  • Deborah L. DeHaas, Vice Chair and Chief Inclusion Officer, Managing Partner; Center for Board Effectiveness, Deloitte and
  • Billie Ida Williamson, Forrester and Company. Our expert’s state, an inclusive environment increases a board’s effectiveness.

Left to Right: Dennis McCuistion, Deborah L. DeHaas, and Billie Ida Williamson

Diversity is also about the asking of good questions. Yet, if everyone on a board looks the same, are of a certain age, have the same work/professional experience and education, the variety of answers needed for good decision making is missing.

With diverse experience, cultures, and industry knowledge people have different viewpoints from which to address what really matters regarding a company’s wellbeing. Age diversity is also a factor. The average director’s age at most big U.S. companies is 63 plus. With technology at the hub of most businesses generational diversity, having younger board members who understand technological change is critical.

Global economies need to be innovative, with constant thought applied to what the customer wants, what could disrupt the business, cyber security risks, competition; the list is endless. The business world today is especially fraught with change and uncertainty. Diversity contributes to overall good corporate governance, where the company has the people, processes, resources, and culture to enable a thoughtful, proactive focus on strategy, customers, operations, and risk and thus maximize the opportunity for all stakeholder groups.

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Is the News Media the Enemy of the People?
Silk Road: Drugs, the Internet, and Ross UlbrichtSilk Road: Drugs, the Internet, and Ross Ulbricht