Climate Change/Global Warming: The History, the Threat, the Exaggeration (Re-Air)
Climate Change: The Economics and Solutions (Re-Air)

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Climate change views though are open to interpretation and many disagree that the earth is warming – catastrophically . Essentially the warming may be business as usual with a prediction of 4-8 degrees Fahrenheit over the 21st century.

Advocates of climate change say 97% of scientists agree that the earth is warming catastrophically, the science is settled and anyone who disagrees is just flat wrong. The issue they claim is primarily the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, to discuss what 97% of scientists really do agree on are:

  • Cherelle Blazer: Organizing Representative for Sierra Club Beyond Coal Chair, Dallas
  • John Geissman, PhD: Professor and Department Head Geosciences, University of Texas at Dallas, Past President of the Geological Association of America
  • Patrick J. Michaels, PhD: Director, Center for the Study of Science, Cato Institute; author of Lukewarming, Past President of the American Association of State Climatologists
  • Andrew Emory Dessler, PhD: Climate Scientist and Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M University

Left to Right: Cherelle Blazer, Dr. Geissman, and Dr. Michaels with Dennis McCuistion

The mainstream view of climate change is that yes, the climate is warming with the increase in temperature primarily due to carbon emissions and other greenhouse gasses from human activity. With an expectation of population growth going from 7 billion to 11 billion people by the end of the century, we need to ask what is the cost of prosperity? And what do we as a society need to do, if anything to mitigate risk?

Join us as we continue the discussion on Climate Change/Global Warming. To view the first episode, please click through to our website: Climate Change/Global Warming: The History, the Threat, the Exaggeration.

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Climate Change/Global Warming: The History, the Threat, the Exaggeration (Re-Air)
Climate Change: The Economics and Solutions (Re-Air)