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Bitcoin spikes to a record high near $6,000

As of this airing, in the words of the media “bitcoin is going bananas”. We are not offering any advice, just learning along with everyone else and just quoting our experts.

Left to Right: Terry Brock CPAE, Ronald D. Smith

Joining host, Dennis McCuiston, to let him and our audience in on the news:

  • Prof. William Greene – Assistant Professor of Political Science, and Assistant Chair of the Political Science Department, at South Texas College,
  • Terry Brock CPAE – Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Speaker and
  • Ronald D. Smith – Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP
While much of the dedicated financial services world is antagonized by Bitcoin, more and more average citizens are becoming attracted to the technology, use, and freedom the venue offers.
Studies say the Blockchain revolution is coming and it will fundamentally affect how we operate our businesses and how we as consumers do business.

Our experts predict the change will be as profound as that which was brought about by the Internet. Understanding the technology will be critical, yet today most of us have little to no idea what Bitcoin, bitcoin (with a small b) Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies means.

So what is this revolution all about? And why is the average bank and banker leery and the SEC trying to monitor the system?

This technology solves the problem of double spend. It’s an instantaneous exchange which removes the 3rd party. It allows us to transfer bitcoin currency from one person to another all done in a completely verifiable, transparent way. One can exchange currencies more easily and faster without supervision. Transactions via Blockchain remove the middle man. This will definitely have ramifications on financial services and in fact may pose a threat to regular banks.

The question is what is Bitcoin? The Internet exploded how we use money. We’ve gone from checks, to paying bills online, to buying online, to donating online. We do this with a 3rd party vendor- usually a bank. One can’t send a dollar to someone over the Internet. However, Bitcoin and Blockchain are two potentially life-changing technologies; the most game-changing technology advance since the Internet. It is about digits, faster, easier and cheaper to use than “real” money- yet it is a currency that can be used to purchase just about anything you want.

And there is a parallel between the Internet’s growth and Bitcoin. Just as we had to build our comfort level with the Internet we’ll have the same initiation with digital currencies.
According to Terry Brock, “Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies like it, are changing the way business, commerce, and even daily transactions are being done. It is vitally important to know about this as much as we needed to learn about the Internet and social media. The opportunities are enormous.”
So hold onto your wallets and join us to learn a little more about this “new” currency and how it will change your life.

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A New Perspective on North Korea
All Things Cybercrime, Security and Warfare