The State of the State of Texas
Zika and West Nile: How Serious Are They? (Re-Air)
Join Host Dennis McCuistion and our experts on how to get your Congressman or Congresswoman’s attention and why we need to do so.

Left to Right: Randy Ford, Cal Jillson, PhD

According to our panelists:

  • Randy FordPresident/COO; National Write Your Congressman, started in 1958 to educate constituents on issues and encourage allow small business owners a voice in the issues Congress is debating which could impact their businesses. A nonpartisan group, it looks for facts in legislation, and how that issue is pending. It encourages education on the issues, and provides briefs and white papers to its members.
  • Cal Jillson, PhD – Department of Political Science, Southern Methodist University; Author: Pursuing the American Dream; Lone Star Tarnished, among others;

Citizens have a voice and a vote for who is the next representative for their district. It’s in our representative’s best interest to pay attention to constituents who contact them regarding an issue or concern.

Our representatives need to hear how their constituents feel about any upcoming legislation. A Congressman’s staff is paid to pay attention to his or her constituents.
They and/or their staff read the messages constituents send, especially those which are handwritten. Handwritten notes are always taken seriously unlike form letters. Attention is also paid to personal emails. Apparently ten to twenty notes / letters on a particular issue equal a representation of about 1,000 to 2,000 constituents who are thinking pretty much the same way yet have not bothered to write.
Contacting your representative allows you to move the issue you care about forward and lets the Congressperson’s staff know you are involved and want attention paid to a concern or piece of legislation. Their conclusion: our voices count so we need to speak up about what we value, especially in such turbulent political times.

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2409 – 11.12.2017

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The State of the State of Texas
Zika and West Nile: How Serious Are They? (Re-Air)