Will China and the United States Avoid War?
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The opioid crisis is fast becoming a national epidemic.
According to the  UN International Narcotics Control Board, Americans consume more opioids than any other country.
Joining host, Dennis McCuistion, to talk about this issue are:
  • Ms. Lee FitzGerald: CADC Board Registered Interventionist Level I (BRI-I), (California Association of Alcohol and Drug Counselors; BRI-board-registered interventionist), who helped start the first Narcotics Anonymous group for women in Kathmandu, Nepal
  •  Kevin Gilliland, PsyD: Executive Director of i360 which helps individuals and families overcome mental health, addiction and relationship challenges, along with phase-of-life struggles; author of Struggle Well Live Well, and
  • Ted Price, PhD: Neuro biologist, Associate Professor, School of Behavioral Science at University of Texas Dallas, Co-Founder of CERSCI, recipient of the Patrick D. Wall Young Investigator Award from the International Association for the Study of Pain

Left to Right: Ted Price, PhD, Ms. Lee FitzGerald, and Kevin Gilliland, PsyDOpioid

The opioid epidemic is crippling communities across the United States, has spurred a public health crisis, and could kill as many as 650,000 people in the next decade. (Reference: vox.com).
Opioid abuse is also hurting America’s job market “The opioid epidemic is intertwined with the story of declining prime-age participation, especially for men,” says Goldman Sachs economist David Mericle. The crisis has created “significant costs both to employers and the public sector. Use of opioids has become a key factor in why “prime age” workers, mostly men, are unable or unwilling to find work according to the Goldman Sachs (GS) report.
To read the full write-up on this episode, visit: The Opioid Epidemic
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2407 – Re-air: 5.13.18

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Will China and the United States Avoid War?
Re-Air: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Real Money or Speculation?