Nonprofits Today: Are They At Risk?Nonprofits Today: Are They At Risk?
The Millennial Revolution: Part One

Civil asset forfeiture is a legal proceeding wherein the state or federal government can seize assets from those “suspected” of wrongdoing. In some cases it returns assets to those it took from, in other cases the assets are parceled out among law enforcement agencies.

The issue is that one does not have to be proven guilty, just suspected of a potential crime which some say is a violation of our civil rights. Recently several law cases have been won which may overturn precedents.

Civil forfeiture could and does happen to the innocent. Tune in to learn more about your rights and what to do if this ever happens to you or a family member.

L to R: Steven Jumes, Anya Bidwell, J.D., and Randy Peterson

Joining host Dennis McCuistion are several experts who are in fact winning some of these cases.

Our guests include:

  • Abigail Hall Blanco, PhD – Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Tampa,
  • Steven Jumes – Attorney, Varghese Summersett, Ft. Worth, Texas, a former state and federal prosecutor who has taken more than 100 cases to jury trial in state and federal courts.
  • Anya Bidwell, J.D. – Attorney, Institute for Justice, and
  • Randy Peterson: Senior Researcher, Right on Crime, and the Center for Effective Justice, Texas Public Policy Foundation.

In criminal asset forfeiture the supposed criminal’s assets are confiscated. The law must first have a conviction against the property/ asset owner before taking the property that was used in the illegal conduct. The government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person is guilty.

In civil forfeiture a person does not need to be charged with a crime. Government can step in and seize a person’s property based on a suspicion that the property is connected to a crime. The property itself is charged and convicted and it’s the U.S. government against an item not a person.

Join our guests to learn more about how the new laws will impact you and the charities in our communities.

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Nonprofits Today: Are They At Risk?Nonprofits Today: Are They At Risk?
The Millennial Revolution: Part One