Civil Asset Forfeiture
The Millennial Revolution: Part Two

Joining host Dennis McCuistion, are expert guests who not only study the Millennial mindset, they have “children” and grandchildren who are ones!

TCU Professor have lots to share about how the Millennial is changing society.

Some of their comments:

L to R: Jack E. McCallum, PhD, MD, N and Kurt Andre

Millennial’s brain works differently from other generation’s brains!

This group in society today are on the leading edge of one of the most dramatic changes in human history.

Prior to this there have been fundamental societal changes, when writing came into power, 2500-750 BC, it enabled us to communicate over distance and time. Writing allowed for information to be organized. It allowed for one to give color, analogies, and metaphors and until 1454 fundamentally changed how people interacted.

Then along came the Guttenberg Press which brought about phenomenal change. Between 1454 and 1500 more information was produced than in the previous 1,000 years. By 1600 12 million books were turned out. Writing was hard to access. The press changed how we communicate.

Our experts predict that Millennials are the third wave and this wave will lead to even bigger change than the previous two waves. Not only are we looking at language changes, these are folks who want to make a difference. By and large they are more visionary, mission driven focused and follow their passion; not duty; with more commitment to mission and certainly with far less tolerance for obligation.

This third change affects the Millennial brain. Our experts say that their interaction with devices- smartphones is a function of how they also interact with information and society. Devices are not just a convenience they are an extension of their brain, how they think and make decisions.

Each and every day most of us receive 2.5 quintillion bytes of data; including 3.6 trillion tweets a year. Each and every day, every 4 minutes of their waking life Millennials transmit a social media message.

Join us for part one of a riveting topic, which will certainly affect us for generations to come.

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Civil Asset Forfeiture
The Millennial Revolution: Part Two