Silk Road: Drugs, the Internet, and Ross Ulbricht (Re-Air)Silk Road: Drugs, the Internet, and Ross Ulbricht (Re-Air)
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Joining Dennis McCuistion, host of the McCuistion Program, to talk about civics and its criticality are:
  • Margo McClinton Stoglin, PhD: IGNITE Texas State Director,
  • Meredith Norris: Generation Citizen Central Texas Site Director, and
  • Dodie Kaspar: Coordinator of Law Related Education

Left to Right: Margo McClinton Stoglin, PhD, Meredith Norris, and Dodie Kasper

According to our guests, there are so many sources of information on what one needs to know in order to be an informed, engaged citizen that it is hard to know what sources are reliable and can be trusted.

We define “Active Civics” as the study of the theoretical and practical aspects of citizenship, its rights and duties; the duties of citizens to each other as members of a political body and the government, and a citizen as a person with citizenship- via membership in a political community such as a country or city.

Civics is active participation and engagement in systems and structures. It can refer to government engagement and community involvement, civic knowledge, and action. It’s about creating voter registration and activism, caring about one’s community, knowing how elected officials vote on laws, knowing about our policies and procedures locally and nationally.

Today, nearly 2/3 of Americans cannot name all three branches of government. Yet knowing about the foundation of our Constitution and being educated about issues allows one to vote with knowledge.

Voting has gone down by 15% in a generation. In 1960 25% of the youth population reported that they followed public affairs most of the time. By 2000 that figure was down to 5%.

Tune in to learn more about how you can become more civically active and help our students be more aware citizens and more informed voters.

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2420 – 09.16.18

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Silk Road: Drugs, the Internet, and Ross Ulbricht (Re-Air)Silk Road: Drugs, the Internet, and Ross Ulbricht (Re-Air)
North Texas Giving Day multiplies your gift