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Trade Wars

There is presently chaos over trade, and not just with China, but with America’s largest trading partners: Mexico and Canada. It is causing a great deal of acrimony between our country and our closest neighbors. In fact, Canada is Texas’ second largest export country and the U.S.’s first largest.

Left to Right: Merrill Matthews, Ph.D and Doug McCullough, Ph.D.

What are the issues as it relates to timing and can these issues be resolved before the new President of Mexico takes office in December?


What are the pros and cons of free trade and NAFTA, where do the trade discussions presently stand, and what may be the end result? That result may come about prior to the airing of this program, and you should use this program to put the results into perspective.

And where most people think the real trade issue is … is with China. The US has imposed $200 billion in tariffs on them and our administration claims that if this does not happen we’ll raise the tariffs to 25%.

The experts do not believe you win trade wars. By definition trade is voluntary. Neither party would trade if it did not think it was getting fair value. This continuing issue will most definitely affect your pocketbook.

Joining host Dennis McCuistion are:

  • Merrill Matthews, Ph.D, with the Institute for Policy Innovation and
  • Doug McCullough, Director of the Canada- Texas Chamber of Commerce and Director of the Lone Star Policy Institute

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Causes and Prevention of SuicideCauses and Prevention of Suicide