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Russia’s Foreign Policy Today (2515)Russia's Foreign Policy Today (2515)

Joining Dennis McCuistion as co-host for this program is Jim Falk, President and CEO of the World Affairs Council of Dallas Fort Worth and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Falk recently interviewed Michael McFaul, former U.S. Ambassador to Russia and author of From Cold War to Hot Peace, and former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, on the present situation between the two countries.    

This is a critical time in the relationship between the U.S. and Russia.

Our guests, key experts on Russia and geo-politics:

  • Robert  H. Donaldson, PhD, author, The Foreign Policy of Russia, Trustees Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, University of Tulsa, and
  • David Oualaalou, PhD, Global Perspective Consulting, LLC, author of Fall of the House of Saud and the forthcoming Russian Roulette, Russia’s Infiltration of American Society, claim that the U.S. has some responsibility for the current alienation between the two countries.

There is a thinking in Washington, that we’re going to have to identify the enemy and presently that enemy is Russia. As Ambassador McFaul pointed out to Mr. Falk; Russia- U.S. relations could certainly be more favorable. Putin had attempted “partnerships” with us with the possibility that the U.S. and Russia could accomplish some things together, however Putin was alienated.  

We tend to characterize Putin as anti- western, or is it that his paramount interest is restoring Russia as a great power? Certainly after the fall of the Soviet Union the dynamics of the global stage have changed. While the U.S. under President Bush promised to “not move an inch eastward”, we have.  Secretary Albright reminds us that there were questions about the Russians living up to the IMF treaty, however by our withdrawing from it we’ve undercut the system and have given the Russians an excuse to not get involved.   Many treaties have had a role in governing the strategic relationships between the two countries; many of these treaties have been withdrawn or are expiring, another problematic issue.   So what is the next chapter for American foreign policy in “dealing”/ “working” with Russia? And is the U.S. government following/ pursuing a different policy than the U.S. when it comes to Russia?   Tune in to hear more of what our experts have to say.  

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Texas School Finance and Quality (2516)Texas School Finance and Quality (2516)
Russia’s Foreign Policy Today (2515)Russia's Foreign Policy Today (2515)