6.4 million students denied free speech by top American colleges
Truth, Dignity, and the Media  (1506)Truth, Duty, and the Media (1506)

The topic of impeachment today is volatile and polarizing, but the subject is on the minds of most Americans today.

L to R: Dennis McCuistion, Jim Falk, James W. Riddlesperger Jr. PhD, and Mathew Wilson, PhD

On this program our goal is to provide a better understanding of the process and history of impeachment.

In 1679 the House of Commons declared that “impeachment was the chief institution for the preservation of government”. Impeachment of a president is fortunately very rare. To date only three other presidents have been subject to serious impeachment proceedings, Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.
Joining hosts Dennis McCuistion and Jim Falk are key experts in this area:
  • Mathew Wilson, PhD – Associate Professor of Political Science, Director of the Center for Faith and Learning, Southern Methodist University and
  • James W. Riddlesperger Jr. PhD – Professor of Political Science Texas Christian University
Our experts look at impeachment as it relates to the Constitution and examine why our founding fathers believed an impeachment clause was necessary to preserving our republic. They ask, has impeachment of a President ever worked? And what constitutes real grounds for impeachment?
Join us Sunday December 29th, 11:30 AM, KERA, Channel 13, PBS Dallas to learn more about the process of impeachment.

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6.4 million students denied free speech by top American colleges
Truth, Dignity, and the Media  (1506)Truth, Duty, and the Media (1506)