Fraud: Causes and Prevention (2605)Fraud: Causes and Prevention (2605)
The Arab Spring (2607)The Arab Spring (2607)
Joining hosts Dennis McCuistion and Jim Falk are:
  • Marianne Jennings, JD – Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University and author of The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse and
  • Tom Mueller, PhD – Journalist and author of the Crisis of Conscience.

L to R: Dennis McCuistion, Jim Falk, and Marianne Jennings JD

Why do some people feel compelled to blow the whistle when they see wrongdoing?

Tom Mueller interviewed 200 plus whistleblowers for his book, Crisis of Conscience and found that there is a profile of a whistleblower; individuals who tend to be pretty black and white- most especially about ethics. They are sticklers for rules and not by and large team players.
Our guests agree that whistleblowing may not be the best option, however those who see wrongdoing who have tried to get the issues corrected and are ignored, simply can’t take it anymore, and blow the whistle at the expense of their careers, and often their health.

Niki McCuistion with audience member Tark Radjef

Join our guests to gain some insights into why whistleblowers are compelled to act, the subsequent results of their actions, and the steps that a company needs to take so that whistleblowing doesn’t occur, and the issues are handled before that turning point.

Fraud starts small and continues to grow until it becomes a headline. Whistleblowing is not new to this or other countries. Learn more about its history and why some whistleblowers are considered traitors. And what answer Dr. Mueller received when he asked the whistleblowers he interviewed, would you do it again?
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Fraud: Causes and Prevention (2605)Fraud: Causes and Prevention (2605)
The Arab Spring (2607)The Arab Spring (2607)