Remembering Bill Gordon
Welcoming Valerie E. ErtzWelcoming Valerie E. Ertz

L to R: Dennis McCuistion, Jim Falk, Basma Yacoub, and Leigh Richardson

For better or worse, smart phones are here to stay. They are handy, give us easy access to information, and have revolutionized how we communicate and connect.
The list of positives goes on. However, is there a down side?
Joining hosts Dennis McCuistion and Jim Falk to talk about the impact smart phones have on adults and young people are:
  • Basma Yacoub, Director of International Programs, International Leadership Center and
  • Leigh Richardson, Founder/ Clinical Director, Brain Performance Center.
While smart phones can be a good learning tool and are often used in a classroom environment to accelerate the learning process, just as often they are misused. Smart phones can also be addictive, giving us a dopamine rush, which makes us feel good- for the moment. In young people smart phones can also re wire the brain.

Do we need to set parameters for adults and young people so smart phones stay smart phones?

Tune in to hear what guidelines our experts suggest.

And as always, we continue talking about things that matter with people who care.
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Remembering Bill Gordon
Welcoming Valerie E. ErtzWelcoming Valerie E. Ertz