Anne Hendershott, Ph.D., in her book The Politics of Envy, explains how envy leads to resentment, which eventually erupts into violence and rage, malicious mobs, cancel culture, and the elevation of dysfunctional political systems such as socialism and Marxism.

“When toxic envy grows unchecked, it will inevitably destroy an individual, a family, a society — even a civilization. In our day, envy has reached its tipping point, fueling acts of anger, violence, and revenge in America’s cities and corporate boardrooms.”

Dr. Hendershott joins hosts Dennis McCuistion and Jim Falk along with Dr. Julie Fratantoni, Head of Operations for the Brain Health Project, at the Center for Brain Health in Dallas.

A cognitive Neuroscientist, Dr. Fratantoni’s research focuses on optimal brain health and performance. She tells us we can’t measure degrees of envy. It is a factor in social media. And the brain can engage more in compassion and reason and choose to combat envy if envy is disruptive.