The China Nightmare (2810)The China Nightmare (2810)
TRUST and Feedback—Part II: Perception vs. Reality

Over 160 million people watched the Beijing Olympics; Tokyo 2020, averaged 3 billion viewers. For an Olympian, the stakes are high, and their standing is at risk. This is what they have lived for. And they are expected to continue to excel, no matter what.

As we have witnessed in recent years with Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, and others, stress and anxiety can lead to mental challenges.

And after being the center of so much attention and adulation, all of a sudden being invisible is difficult.

Joining Host Vince Poscente, himself an Olympian, to talk about these issues that they themselves have experienced are:

Nikki Stone:
Olympic Gold Medalist, 1998, Nagano, Japan, inverted aerial skier,

Corey Hirsch:
Olympic Silver Medalist, 1994 Lillehammer, Norway, hockey, and Stanley Cup recipient and

Robert Neff, Ph.D.:
Certified Mental Trainer ®

While we often look at Olympians as having scaled the heights of fame, there are many complex issues and problems with having that status that many individuals do not see. 

Our guests talk about the issues they personally had to deal with and offer solutions and remedies.

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The China Nightmare (2810)The China Nightmare (2810)
TRUST and Feedback—Part II: Perception vs. Reality