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Image of Niki and Dennis McCuistion holding Telly awards

Name: Dennis McCuistion, Co-Founder, Chairman Emeritus
Niki McCuistion, Executive Producer/Producer – Co-Founder
Organization: Foundation for Responsible Television
Address: 11700 Preston Road, #660-193
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Zip Code: 75230
Phone: (214) 394-6794

Brief History of the Organization & Description of Services

Foundation for Responsible TV: Mission

Educate and inform the public, using television and video, with relevant, thought-provoking perspectives and content by Talking About Things That Matter With People Who Care!

Foundation for Responsible TV: Vision

We make a significant impact on the lives of those who watch, personally, professionally, politically.

History & Accomplishments

The McCuistion Program has been serving North Texas since 1990.

It is the longest running, independently produced program on KERA, Channel 13, PBS, funded through the Foundation for Responsible Television, (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity founded in 1994).

Distribution reaches approximately 1 million people a year, through North Texas PBS, The C-Suite Network, NTN: the Library for the Blind and other venues.

Our viewers are individuals from all socio-economic walks of life who get involved in making a difference. According to Nielsen data, the viewers of Public Television:

68% are between 18-54 years of age, 37% are over 55, 37% have one or more college degrees, 15% hold graduate degrees, 68% vote regularly, 11% are Hispanic, 12% African-American, the balance are White or Asian, 63%+ are active on the internet and social media.

36% have a household income over $75,000, 29% have a household income of $125,000+, 8% have a household income of $200,0000+, 73% are homeowners, 28% have liquid assets of more than $100,000.

Perspectives Matter is unique

Each program focuses on a topic of importance, presented in a civil discourse format, developing the various concepts or issues of that topic. We strive to be objective, fairly and evenly presenting vital information. Our panelists are experts on their topic.

We invite viewer’s opinions. We also invite viewers to actively get involved in making a difference; in their community, whether by active participation in civic and charitable activities or letting their city, state and national elected officials know how they feel. Our purpose is to educate and inform the public, using television and video, with relevant, thought-provoking perspectives and content by Talking About Things That Matter With People Who Care!

Our viewership spans the ethnic, income, age, race and gender spectrum. It includes primarily individuals who are involved in the most important social, economic, business and political issues of the day. We provide this information to community leaders of all types, people who truly want and can make a difference.

Our 30-minute program features interviews with local, national, and international experts, community and business leaders, on topics as far ranging as arts and culture, education, government, healthcare, the environment and human services.

In recognition of our program’s quality and service to the community, our program has been honored with numerous awards for excellence in journalism and production.

Since 1998, the McCuistion Program has garnered over 50 Telly Awards or Finalist nominations, in addition to several similar awards from the Press Club of Dallas and Clarion, Women in Communication.

Why is the McCuistion Program Unique?

The uniqueness of our program is in its objectivity. Our ability to attract highly regarded local, national and international experts on all sides of a particular issue is unmatched by most broadcast media. It is a program that the entire family can view, and we are proud to say that our studio audience members are almost as informed as the panelists. They attend by special invitation because of their interest and expertise in the particular topic.

What Difference Do We Make

We are now in our 33rd year of providing a quality half-hour weekly television program.

Each week we reach all over the country. Every time just one viewer watches a discussion that takes place, that person becomes a more informed individual. It is not our goal to influence any pending legislation, but rather to influence the quality of choices that individuals make that directly affect their quality of life in every area important to them and their communities.


McCuistion TV offers a rare mix of today’s most pressing topics – often national or even global in nature but playing-out locally – that everyone’s talking or wondering about.   Informed, seasoned hosts question guests who bring unique experience and expertise in a fun, lively give-and-take that is more in-depth than local news programs and more local than national news.   In a world where 74% of American worry about fake or false news being used as a weapon, McCuistion TV can be trusted to be talking about things that matter with people who care.

Robert Hall, Recovering CEO, author, speaker on relationships

Over the past 13 years I have gotten to know Dennis McCuistion and Niki McCuistion, and have always been impressed with their ability to interview acknowledged experts in so many different fields and help the average viewer understand even complex subjects and current events.

I highly recommend the show to anyone who wishes to stay on top of important events and issues facing our country.

Richard Bowen, Citigroup Whistleblower

The McCuistion TV show is the smartest show on area television. The words ‘smart’ and ‘television’ rarely go together in TV land, which makes this longtime stalwart even more precious.

Dave Lieber, Dallas Morning News columnist

The level of trust we have in the media has declined to an all-time low. At times like these, with the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest, and global changes raging, we must have media we can trust. For more than three decades, McCuistion TV, every Sunday morning on KERA/PBS, has been that outlet. With insightful content, knowledgeable expert guests, honest dialogue, and inquisitive hosts, this is a media source I can trust.

Terry Paulson, Ph.D., Author: Reclaiming Optimism to Make Change Work, op-ed columnist for and

I found the behind-the-scenes process to be streamlined, useful, and informative. The recording process flowed and the guests had opposing yet mostly objective and fair viewpoints that represented the American public. I would definitely appear on the show again.

The level of trust we have in the media had declined to an all-time low. At times like these, with the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest, and global changes raging, we must have media we can trust. For more than three decades, McCuistion TV, Sunday mornings on KERA/PBS, has been that outlet. With insightful content, knowledgeable expert guests, honest dialogue, and inquisitive hosts, this is a media source I can trust.

Yoram Solomon, Ph.D., Author, The Book of TRUST Host, The TRUST Show Podcast

I’ve appeared several times on McCuistion TV, and each time has been a real joy. The topics are timely and relevant, but also deeper than the typical TV fare. The show takes a step back from the news of the moment and explores the bigger picture. The hosts are engaging and curious. They always ask smart questions, ones not designed to show off their knowledge but, instead, to elevate the conversation. Their only agenda is to dive deep into the topic at hand. McCuistion TV is living proof that engaging, intelligent television is alive and well!

Eric Weiner, Bestselling author of The Geography of Bliss, and other books

We have known the McCuistion program for many years.  We believe it is a much-needed objective voice on public television.

George Friedman has been interviewed numerous times over the years by their excellent hosts.

The McCuistions cover important topics in a highly professional and educational format with very knowledgeable guests. It’s a must watch for any person wanting to become more informed on the issues of our time.

Meredith Friedman, Vice President, Geopolitical Futures

As the author of more than 50 books—eight of which have been turned into movies—I’m always looking for compelling resources to learn about the world around me. The McCuistion Program causes me to think and contemplate regarding the issues of the day. In our world, more and more of the media is filled with people pushing their own views or opinions. McCusiton programming helps you to formulate your own views and opinions. As a blind person, myself, I created the Narrative Television Network to make movies and TV accessible to the visually impaired community. We at NTN have been very proud to bring a number of McCuistion shows to our very special audience.

Jim Stovall, Narrative Television Network for the Blind

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For more information about the Foundation for Responsible Television or if you have questions, please contact Niki McCuistion at 214-394-6794, or email

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