Photo of Vince Poscente, Perspectives Matter host.Vince Poscente is a highly sought-after corporate speaker and a co-host of the McCuistion program, “Perspectives Matter.” With expertise in the science of human behavior, Vince inspires audiences to overcome obstacles and achieve extraordinary outcomes through his energizing and transformational presentations and books. Vince turned his passion into a successful athletic career. In four years he went from recreational skier to Olympic competitor then went on to be team captain of multiple Himalayan expeditions. He is also a New York Times bestselling author who has written eight books.

Vince is known for delivering a message that will last for years in the minds and hearts of conference attendees. He is rated as one of MPI’s Top Ten Motivational Speakers in North America and is a “Meeting Planners’ Favorite Speaker” by Meetings & Conventions. Vince is the go-to expert for taking a team and teaching them how to lead better, produce more, and sell more. He helps organizations supersede challenging barriers and move into a mental space that creates accomplishments individuals and teams want and deserve. Vince’s background, combined with his insights on resiliency and the importance of doing what the competition is not willing to do, make him a valuable resource for organizations, leaders, and employees looking to ascend to new heights.