Dennis_McCuistionDennis McCuistion is the host and executive producer of the award winning McCUISTION television program on PBS, syndicated weekly throughout the U.S. Dennis’s expertise is in asking the right questions, giving advice that is always objective and in delving into the causes of problems and the need to apply reason and objectivity throughout the process.  His facilitation skills are unequaled as he has served as the host and co-executive producer of PBS’s McCuistion program since 1990 and has co-authored three banking books.

Dennis has written three books on the banking industry and hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines and trade publications.  In addition to his own television program, he has appeared on Fox News, other PBS television programs, and ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates.  Additionally, he is in demand for interviews from various radio talk show hosts throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

He founded McCuistion & Associates in 1977 following a 20-year career in the commercial banking business.  As a consultant, speaker, teacher and author, Dennis helps develop corporate board of directors into a competitive advantage.  Today most of his assignments involve strategic planning facilitation and providing counsel to top executives and board members of owner-managed companies in addition to serving on small and large publicly traded boards.  As a banker, he learned the ins and outs of financial management and has served as a financial consultant to businesses large and small over the last 30 years.  In some cases he served as a part time CFO, in others he helped to arrange mergers and acquisitions, and in still others, he took a temporary full time role in the company when  necessary.

Dennis served on his first not-for-profit board two years out of college, and has served on a variety of not-for-profit boards from chambers of commerce to service clubs to his present position as Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Responsible Television.  He went on his first for-profit board in 1972 when he was President of The American Bank in Irving, Texas.  He also led his first strategic planning retreat during this time frame and started his first advisory board.  Dennis went on the board of Publishers Equipment Corporation in 1980 where he was involved in helping to take the company through its initial public offering.  Most recently he served as director of Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. from August of 2003 through November of 2007.   He also served on their audit committee and as chairman of the nominating and governance committee.  He was the lead independent director at the New York Stock Exchange Company UICI from February 2004 until it was sold to the Blackstone Group for $1.6 billion in April of 2006.  He served on the audit, compensation and nominating and governance committees there as well.  He also served for several months on a small oil and gas company board listed on the American Stock Exchange.