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The Sixth Floor Museum and the JFK 60th Anniversary (3007)

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Joining Dennis McCuistion to talk about the President’s legacy and how the Museum honors this history, is Stephen Fagin, the Sixth Floor Museum, Curator and Oral Historian, and author of Assassination Commemoration, JFK, and the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

Technology and the Global Struggle for Power (2923)

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There’s no doubt the U.S. and China are committed to having a military advantage over one another. While the risk of armed conflict, perhaps over Taiwan, exists, the real battle for technological supremacy is where the struggle for global power is taking place. Join us to hear more about where we stand with China today and the direction we may be taking in the future.

The Economics of Travel and Happiness (2920)

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Did you know that those who travel are 7% happier than those who stay at home (Washington State University)?  The overwhelming majority of travelers say that their travel memories are among the happiest ones of their lives; and, as our guest Eric Weiner tells us, even delays and other snafus can over time be recalled as blissful.

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