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Ten Tips on Civil Dialogue

By |2023-02-10T20:23:34-05:00April 28, 2019|Current News, Niki Site|

By Terry Paulson, PhD Free and open political discussions have always helped make America strong.Such dialogue is the fire that tests the metal of our convictions and the depth of our understanding. They aren’t to be [...]

Do Authoritarians Rule the World? (2913)

By |2023-05-21T13:42:13-05:00May 21, 2023|Featured Program, Featured-Home, Politics, Recent Programs|

Today, there appears to be an increasing number of autocrats and political leaders who rule solely for their own interests. From N. Korea to Iran, Saudi, and Latin America, we are seeing some flagrant abuses of power and instances of how absolute power corrupts. Our experts focus on how authoritarians exercise and abuse their power shaping world events and not for the better.

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