The McCuistion Program, now in its 20th year, has been selected by The Telly Award Committee in the 30th Annual Telly Award Competition for three Bronze awards for the following programs:

What the Credit Crunch Means to You (#1703)

-Michael L. Davis, PhD: Professor of Economics and Finance, Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business
-John Heasley: EVP, Texas Bankers Association
-Bob McTeer, PhD: Distinguished Fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis
-Dory Wiley, CPA: President, Commerce Street Capital

Nutrition Part Two: Eating Our Way to Better Health (#1714)
T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Author: The China Study

A Conversation with Steve Forbes (#1718)
Steve Forbes, Editor-In-Chief, Forbes Magazine

Founded in 1978, the Telly Award is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions, and online film and video. The Telly Awards annually showcases the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, interactive agencies and corporate video departments in the world. The Telly Awards receives over 13,000 entries annually from all 50 states and countries around the world.

We’re in good company. This year’s entries included work from: Clear Channel, The Chicago Tribune, Cox Media, NBC, Disney, NASA, Discovery Time Life, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, CNN,  and  Harpo Studios, to name just a few. The award is very much a team effort that includes everyone who works on the production at KERA, Channel 13, camera crew, lighting, sound and our guests.  The entries are awarded to both the Host, Dennis  McCuistion, and the Producer, Niki N. McCuistion, and  evaluated for several different criteria that include:

·    Production quality
·    On Screen talent quality- host and guests
·    Editing
·    Lighting
·    Writing and any cinematography

Earning a Telly is a significant creative achievement. To date the McCuistion Program has earned over 30 Telly Awards. Thank you again for your support and good wishes as we talk about “things that matter with people who care” in this our 20th anniversary.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

For more information contact:
Niki N. McCuistion
Executive Producer/Producer
(214) 394-6794 and be sure to watch the programs on our web site