Adam Brackin, PhD is the Research Assistant Professor of Arts and Technology at UT Dallas. When writing about his experiences on his website he states:

My industry experience includes time with two companies, Fundi Technologies and Freelance Jax Productions, for which I wrote and produced a number of transmedia “Alternate Reality Games”.  From 2006 until 2013, I had the unique opportunity to act as executive director and co-owner of the family business, a small K-12 private school and academic service in the North Dallas area named Bridge Builder Academy which we sold in 2013. As a founder, the philosophy of the school continues to mirror my own belief that education does not end in the classroom. I have always striven to be approachable and available to all of my students for enrichment and support and I often leverage e-mail and other technology such as blogs and social networking tools to accomplish this. I’ve used the skills gained from this experience to successfully manage financial assets, employees and payroll, and have learned to build professional networks, such as their “Bridges to Success Partner Network.” The sale of the family business this year has freed me up to pursue higher positions within the university setting, which is precisely my current goal.

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