Carmine Savastano is an author, researcher, and Editor-in-Chief of the Neapolis Media Group and his writings focus on intelligence, government, and international politics. He has studied legal documents for years, written over sixty research articles based on verifiable evidence, makes regular appearances in the media, and had several research findings accepted by the Mary Ferrell Foundation and Assassination Archives and Research Center.

Carmine Savastano joined the McCuistion program for a series on JFK. You can view his contribution on these programs but following this links to each 30-minute episode.

CIA and FBI Cover Ups: Vietnam, Mexico City and the Controversies Over Oswald, Part One
What Do New JFK Documents Imply About the Warren Commission Report?

In addition, if you wish to learn more about Carmine Savastano’s work on the JFK controversy, view his published articles below.

Evidence Collections:
The Castro Assassination Plots