Courtney Boswell is the Executive Director of the Texas Institute for Education Reform. According to the Texas Institute for Education Reform:

A former high school math teacher from Dallas, Courtney has ten years of experience in education policy and research. Her most recent positions include the Executive Director of Texans for Education Reform and Policy Director for the Texas Senate Committee on Education. Courtney’s experience is enhanced by her leadership position on a large federally funded teacher quality study and postgraduate work in the policy offices at the U.S. Department of Education and the Texas Education Agency. She received her Bachelor of Science from Texas Christian University and a Master of Public Policy from Vanderbilt University with a major in K-12 Education Policy. In addition to work, Courtney has been President of both the Vanderbilt Alumni Association and the Tri Delta Alumnae Association of Austin.

Courtney Boswell appeared on the three part series on education. To view the full episode, follow this link: 25 Years of Education: Progress or Decline?