Candace Fitzpatrick is the founder of CoreClarity, Inc., a company focused on uncovering the core competencies of individuals, teams and organizations.  In addition to developing learning programs to discern and maximize the innate strengths of the participants, she works with management to enable cultural changes from the grassroots level up.

Among other business endeavors, Candace Fitzpatrick was responsible for writing and implementing the business plan that created CRESA, an innovative alliance of like-minded corporate real estate service providers across North America.  She served as Executive Director from its inception until her retirement in November 2003.

A lifetime learner, Candace Fitzpatrick earned an MBA with honors from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University and a BA in Physics from Texas A&M University.  She is a trained mediator and has been a licensed real estate broker in Texas for over twenty years.

Early in her career, Candace made a conscious decision that work should be fun.  When challenged to distill the essence of her passion into five words or less, she responded with:  I turn dreams into reality.  Today she is having fun helping others turn their dreams into reality – and in turn is realizing her own.

Recent Episode

On April 27, 2014 Candace Fitzpatrick appeared on The McCuistion Program as one of two panelists on episode #2123, Transforming Your Core Talents Into a Competitive Advantage. The core talents CoreClarity look at stem from a 25 year, multi-million dollar study of two million individuals that identified the most prevalent human strengths, known as StrengthsFinder.

Click here to view this episode and learn more about StrengthsFinders and CoreClarity.