Kathleen Leos is the former Assistant Deputy Director of the US Department of Education and CEO: Global Institute for Language and Literacy Development.
According to the GILD website:

Kathleen Leos is the President and CEO of The Global Institute for Language and Literacy Development, LLC, (GILD). Prior to establishing this new endeavor, Ms. Leos served six year (2002-2007) presidential appointment as the Assistant Deputy Secretary and Director to the US Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) established by Congress in the 2002 No Child Left Behind-Title III legislation. In that position, Ms. Leos served as principal advisor to the U.S. Secretaries of Education, Dr. Rod Paige and Margaret Spellings, on all matters related to ELL students, and developed regulations, policies and procedures to create a national education and accountability infrastructure in 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico for the 5.5 million Limited English Proficient students who grace America’s classrooms K-12. The six year effort included assisting states in developing: new English language proficiency standards, aligned ELP assessments, research-based instructional strategies to train teachers to instruct language development and literacy skills simultaneously, and provide communities and parents with effective education models that support ELL high academic achievement. The goal is to create a national education system that includes ELLs in state accountability systems for the first time in the history of US K-12 public schools.

Ms. Leos’ energetic approach to her work comes from her belief that “Each student that crosses the threshold of any one of America’s schools deserves the best education this country has to offer. This is every educator’s responsibility and every student’s civil right.” As the President of GILD, she continues this vision, mission and commitment by ensuring that the individuals who are the key to ELL academic success have all the information and instructional tools necessary to transform education for every ELL student.

Kathleen Leos was a guest panelist in the McCuistion Program episode: Common Core: What It Is and Why You Need to Know About It.