Born in Washington State in 1937 and passing away on July 7, 2008, the late Larry Abraham attended prep school in Tacoma, Washington and college in Spokane and Tacoma, Washington, majoring in History and Pre-Law. After studying correspondence Law from LaSalle University, he chose to join his father in the family plywood business until it was sold in 1961.

After a brief career working in TV and radio in the Seattle area, Mr. Abraham was appointed Executive Secretary of the Washington State Young Republican Federation, a post he held for three years. After leaving to help form the Draft Goldwater Movement in his home state, Mr. Abraham became a widely recognized and popular speaker on college campuses across the region on the topic, “Why I am No Longer A Liberal.”

Mr. Abraham became an active and effective force in the conservative movement, and was instrumental in forming thousands of conservative study groups throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii. His work during that time has often been credited with winning numerous key races in those areas, and with the political turnaround in that region.

In 1971, he co-authored the groundbreaking bestseller, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, selling over five million copies, which became a lightening rod for the resurgence of the Conservative Movement in America. Overnight, Mr. Abraham became a nationally known speaker and leader for the conservative revolution that was taking shape in this country. In 1985, he published his powerful and best-selling sequel, Call It Conspiracy.

Throughout his tenure as a conservative speaker, writer, and leader, Larry Abraham was an active player in the commodities trading industry, specializing in precious metals and currencies. He formed his own investment business in 1975 and was active in international business and investments. He served as Chairman of a Panamanian-based Investment Banking house, Pan America Capital Group, with clients world wide. In addition to his own business interests, Mr. Abraham was a consultant to numerous companies across the globe, including North and South America and Mainland China, and served on numerous Boards of Directors.

Mr. Abraham was a frequent and highly demanded speaker at numerous investment and geopolitical conferences in the United States and around the world, and was a featured guest on many acclaimed television and radio programs. He served on the Executive Committee of the New Orleans Investment Conference for over 10 years.

He was the former publisher of Conservative Digest Magazine and served as the Editor and Chief writer of Larry Abraham’s Insider Report, in continuous publication for twenty-three years. Insider Report has subscribers in all fifty states and over 49 foreign countries and is one of the most respected and quoted newsletters in the industry.

He was a founding member of the National Committee for Monetary Reform, a past member of The Council for National Policy and the International Policy Forum. He was the father of 11 children and the grandfather of 27. His hobbies included book and art collecting, and golf, which he continued to play all over the world with his many friends, subscribers, and associates.