The Constitution of the United States, as framed by our founding fathers, covers all aspects of society’s welfare, as it was then. Today, there are many who state that the Constitution needs to be changed in order to better reflect the needs of modern society and to cover situations that our founding fathers had no way of predicting and anticipating.

Below is a 5-minute clip from the episode that will be airing on Sunday, May 30, 2010. Check below for soundbites.

Sound Bites

“Whats changed over the years is what was originally planned to be a limited government is becoming an unlimited government.”

– Thomas G. West, PhD, Professor of Politics, University of Dallas and author of Vindicating the Founders

“What we have today is nothing like what they had at they time when they drew it… We don’t look at what our forefathers believed as the authority of what the Constitution means. I think it has a broader meaning than that.”

– Robert Cohen, Attorney at Law

“I don’t think we follow the Constitution as we should.”

– Allen Fishburn, Attorney at Law

“The question is what do the founding principles mean as we think forward into our own time… what do those principles suggest for us today what is right for our society.”

– Calvin Jillison, PhD, Department of Political Science Southern Methodist University and author of Pursuing the American Dream