Panelists discuss the changing face of homelessness today and views on ways to help and to stop chronic homelessness.  Check below for soundbites.

Sound Bites

“We created a 10 year plan to end chronic homelessness.”

Mike Rawlings – Appointed by the Mayor of Dallas as Dallas’ Homeless Czar

“We are one of the most affluent in Texas, but we do have a homeless problem… People who used to  donate to the shelter, are now living in the shelter.”

Lynne Sipiora – Executive Director of the Samaritan Inn in Collin County, TX

“We want to get to the core of what causes all of this…  Everyone has to have a basis to which they are operating… I can’t live a life that is tearing me down, at the same time I am looking to build myself up, otherwise the contradiction will get the best of me every time.”

Bill Thompson – Executive Director of the Union Gospel Mission

We need to put homeless people in neighborhoods… Political issues and nimbyism (not in my backyard) is stopping this.

-Mike Rawlings

Myths about homeless: “People who are homeless don’t want help… they want to be in that place… they don’t want jobs..”

Fact: “We have people who are waiting in line to get services.”

Mike Faenza – President and CEO of the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance