Community nonprofit organizations are doing acts of service that are necessary for community growth and advancement.  Currently, there are 2 million tax exempt organizations across the country and half of them are charitable.  In Part One of a two-part series on community nonprofit organizations, Dennis McCuistion and the panelists take a look at community nonprofit organizations.  Specifically, they seek to answer the following questions:

  • What do you need to know in order to volunteer or donate?
  • What is the purpose of nonprofit organizations?
  • What are the tax benefits they are the able to enjoy?

View 5-minute clip below:

Sound Bites:

“It’s pretty important that the public perception of non-profits is positive, not negative.”

“We serve the goodwill of the public, and we are holding the public’s trust.  We are doing that by having their reosurces or their time.”

“80% of the money raised should go direclty into programs. 20% is for administrative costs and fundraising.  5% of the 20% should be for fundraising.”

Click here to watch the full episode on non-profit organizations.