Stephen Moore has joined the McCuistion Program for a few episodes. They include:

Stephen Moore currently serves as the Chief Economist at the Heritage Foundation and co-author of An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of The Wealth of States.

He joined The Wall Street Journal as a member of the editorial board and senior economics writer on May 31, 2005.

Stephen has been a frequent contributor to the Journal over the years, and is previously known as the founder and former president of the Club for Growth, which raises money for political candidates who favor free-market economic policies. He left that position in 2004. Just prior to coming to the Journal, Stephen was president of a new organization, the Free Enterprise Fund.

Over the years Stephen has served as a senior economist on the Congressional Joint Economic Committee, as a budget expert for the Heritage Foundation and as a senior economics fellow at the Cato Institute, where he published dozens of studies on federal and state tax and budget policy. He was a consultant to the National Economic Commission in l987, and research director for President Reagan’s Commission on Privatization.

Stephen is the author of five books, most recently, “Bullish on Bush: How the Ownership Society Is Making America Richer.” He graduated from the University of Illinois and holds a masters degree in economics from George Mason University.

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