Mother of Ross Ulbricht, and the CEO of the Ross Ulbricht Defense Fund; now an advocate for Constitutional practices, individual liberty and privacy.

Lyn has spoken at numerous events. According to CannMed, “Lyn Ulbricht is the mother of Ross Ulbricht, who was given a double life sentence without parole for all non-violent charges for his role in the Silk Road website.  At sentencing the judge made it clear that this sentence was to be a warning to others as regards the government’s drug war.  Ross is appealing this excessive sentence as well as his conviction and trial violations, including precluded evidence, blocked defense witnesses and important constitutional issues.

Since Ross’ arrest Lyn has strived to direct awareness beyond the sensationalism of the case to the important precedents and issues at stake. She has become known as an advocate for constitutional protections, individual freedom and has spoken out against the failed war on drugs. Lyn has spoken at numerous events, both in the US and internationally; appeared on a range of TV, radio and podcast shows, including Reason TV, CNN, HuffPost Live and Fox; and conducted many interviews with both major and alternative media, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Guardian. She is also prominently featured in the documentary Deep Web.

When not working to raise awareness, Lyn focuses on raising funds for Ross’s appeal through”

To hear more from Lyn Ulbricht, watch the episode she participated in on the McCuistion Program by following this link.

Silk Road: Drugs, the Internet, and Ross Ulbricht